At Carpet Cleaners Balham we believe in hard work and self-improvement.

Ever since the company was founded we have always tried to deliver a better service than the last one. We started off with just one carpet cleaning machine and since then our team has increased in number, equipment has become better and our experience has grown greatly.

To make sure we offer the best service we are very strict about the training which our cleaners receive. They test all cleaning solutions and machinery on different types of carpet and upholstery materials to learn about what is best for each fabric. As part of the training our technicians learn how to treat stains according to their origin, to guarantee that every treatable stain will be removed, without damaging the carpet. We understand that you trust us with valuable objects and expensive furnishing so we guarantee we provide thorough, yet gentle care of them. If there is even a slight chance for the material to get damaged, our technicians will find out and suggest the best cleaning option for every fine fabric.

Professional cleaning is usually associated with strong, toxic detergents, but that is not the case with Carpet Cleaners Balham.

We use only non-toxic materials that leave no fumes in the room where the clean was conducted, allowing you to have a spotless home without worrying for the health of your family and pets. Apart of cleaning your carpets from dirt and dust, we will also use a special deodorant to get rid of any bad odor that the carpets might have.

In the past few years we introduced the hot water extraction method of cleaning to hundreds of London homes and office buildings and we continue to familiarize people with the benefits of having your carpets and upholstery cleaned by experts and the positive effect it has on their health. Living in a dust free environment is salutary to everyone, especially to people suffering from asthma, other respiratory diseases and to children, who are vulnerable to allergies.

We pride ourselves on delivering great services at the most convenient time, this is why our technicians work seven days a week, without charging extra for working on bank holidays. Cleaning can be conducted in the morning or in the afternoon. Our customer representatives are also looking forward to hear from you every day.